What are the New Laws Concerning Drones?

Drones have many new laws added to their use and even owning your drone. The FAA has decided upon these laws because of the popularity and the heights at which drones can reach in flight now. Because we use them here at Pennsylvania legal new, we wanted to give you a heads up on the current legislation.

What are the laws that have been put in place over Drones?

Drones are considered aircraft systems which are unmanned. Immediately the worry is privacy. Now that the world’s smallest drone has been introduced widely the public is and will become spy works. This tiny little drone is under a hundred, and you can spy quietly into the next room with it. Just imagine it folks, not much privacy with a little fly on the wall next door.

Drones have to be registered, and this is a big law because they use airspace, and if your drone is powerhead and can go above 400 feet and fly like an eagle, then you should probably be registered. If you don’t go get registered because it causes significant fines and it upsets the FAA. Drone spying has interfered with fire departments and police helicopters on urgent missions. So if you are registered, you can man your drone properly in the sky and get some education on how to captain your unmanned drone as it should be.

Are there local regulations for Drone usage within the city and county?

drone controller in actionIf you have questions about operating drones in your city, just visit their site and find out. If you need to call, please do because it is important local safety on drones. Also, guys remember do not take your drones to the airport. Find a free space and create your drone world with proper communication. Do not interfere in city situations or emergencies with your drones. The new weapons in the sky and these are the official guidelines:

  • No Flight above four hundred feet in the air
  • Do not operate within three miles of the airport or any part of the landing strip
  • Remember to use common sense and carefully when you are flying your drone near people animals or property.
  • NOAA zones are completely NO FLY ZONES………. so people stay out of these zones.
  • It is also recommended that drones should be flown safely obeying all the proper laws of air traffic in their part of the sky.

Be careful when flying your drones and obey all the laws out there and be a professional drone flight commander whether you get paid or not.
You could be the “Johnny Depp” of the drone clubs flying up 400 feet in the sky.
If you register correctly and obey all traffic laws of the sky.
You are a skilled drone commander out there with your neighbours so treat them well.

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