Pennsylvania real-estate Laws and Property

Property and property laws typically concern things like landlord-tenant relationships, homestead protection from lenders, and relevant issues. Laws controlling the rental market protect renters and landlords. Within 30 days of the expiry of the rental, for instance, landlords must return a renter’s security deposit in Pennsylvania.

In disputes and real estate transactions in Pennsylvania, little details that are legal may have tremendous impact. Let’s put our knowledge in action to meet your needs.

Our Pennsylvania property attorneys help customers with commercial and residential property issues, in the drafting of sale and acquisition arrangements to landlord-tenant issues to property litigation. In addition, we represent creditors, small businesses and lenders in lending and debt collections, and people.

Company law: business companies are represented by us with lending, mergers and acquisitions, contracts and trades, company formation and commercial debt collections.

We would like to assist you with all your legal needs and we will assist you in finding the proper man who can, if we can not do it. We guide on employment law issues, and offer referral services and legal counsel for personal injury and medical malpractice cases. Notary services are also offered by us.

We’re personally conscious of the precise status of every one of our clients’ files. Because of this, we’re prepared for just about any developments. Your questions are answered quickly when you call.

Having a knowledgeable lawyer on your own side will help show you throughout the complicated legal problems that may occur in property. Our lawyers will assist you with all the property problems that are following:

— Title insurance (at quite fair, below-market price)
— Purchase of commercial property as well as residential
— Sale of commercial property as well as residential
— Contract disputes

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