Real Estate Professionals in Pennsylvania, The Legal Side

A real estate agent in Pennsylvania helps people during the sale, purchase, lease or rental of industrial or residential properties. Real estate professionals are also negotiating the purchase rate and other regards to the deal for the buyer or seller. The Law on Licensing and Registration Real Estate states that it is the task of the local Commission of Pennsylvania Real Estate to grant licenses to effective real estate agents.

Pennsylvania Real estate agents should be aged at least 18 years old to get a license. Carry out the duties of a real estate agent without a license is punishable and illegal by law.

realtor duties in PAAlthough there are different acts and few laws focusing on real estate in Pennsylvania, the main Pennsylvania real estate act is called the “1980 Act Licensing and Registration of Pennsylvania Real Estate” In general, the Act provides for licenses and certificates necessary to engage in the real estate sector in the state. The law also grants certain powers to the Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission.

Here are a few key points


Chapter Five of the Pennsylvania Real Estate Registration Act deals with licensing and accreditation of the PA real estate brokers. The qualifications for a license include that the applicant is at least 21 years old, graduated from high school, received at least 240 hours of real estate training in various fields and has relevant experience or at least three years of training.

Sales people

Chapter Five of the Act on licensing and registration Pennsylvania Real Estate also covers the necessary qualifications to obtain a license to a sales person. These qualifications include the applicant is at least 18 years of age, had 60 hours of real estate education and obtained a sworn statement from a broker that actively train and supervise the applicant.

Other licenses

The law also sets for the criteria to get a plethora of other licenses, including a broker’s license of a cemetery, a vendor permit a cemetery, permit owner-builder vendor, rental listing permit removal agent, a camping permit adherence seller and a seller to part-time license. Chapter Six sets out the ethical obligations of licensees and some of the requirements necessary to maintain a license in good standing.

Proceedings before the Commission and the Recovery Fund

The final chapters of the Act on licensing and registration Pennsylvania Real Estate indicate how the proceedings take place before the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission, how the Commission can adopt formal conclusions and the creation of a real estate stimulus funds which is intended to help cover the cost of judgments based on the liability arising from the act.